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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Make Money Driving Your Car or Drive a FREE Car!

Another "Welcome" to Retirees, Unemployed Persons, Dads, Moms, Students!
     to:  Your FREE Work-at-Home Jobs, Leads, and Ideas Blog!

Do you like driving? Do you drive many miles a month?

There are numerous companies wanting to give YOU a FREE car!

All you have to do is drive a new car or your own car with a company's
advertisements on it. Drive it to work, shopping, public events, family
outings, ect... This is the perfect opportunity for anyone to earn an extra

We have researched the easiest and quickest way for you to apply to
numerous companies which offer the "get paid to drive" programs, while
paying people to drive these vehicles.

Couldn't you use another $3,200-$5,000 a month for merely driving around
a car with advertisement on it? It might not be the hottest ride on the road,
but the extra money is definately worth it! "Get Paid to Drive"!

You've probably seen some of these cars driving down the road.

If you agree to drive a new vehicle with an advertisement on it to your job,
shopping, school, public events, family outings, etc., there are numerous
companies looking for you to work with them right now! Whether you are
a 9 to 5 worker, a housewife, a student, etc. - this opportunity is excellent
for anyone who would benefit from driving a new vehicle without the worries
of a car payment. It is also an excellent opportunity for people who want to
earn an additional income driving their own car with an advertisement on it.
"get paid to drive"

Be paid to advertise on your vehicle like Millions Of Others!

Make sure to check out the Resource screen!

To find out more, Click Here!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Welcome Unemployed Persons, Retirees, Dads, Moms, Students, Everyone! to: Your FREE Work-at-Home Jobs, Leads, and Ideas Blog!

Whether you call it Work At Home or Work From Home, are you ready?
Are you J.O.B.?  (Just Over Broke)

Are YOU, as I was, someone who needs work, needs a second income?

Are YOU looking for any of my Home Based Businesses, Jobs, Leads, and Ideas?  
– Some are FREE to join and operate and some are FREE to operate after you pay
a small fee to join.  It can’t get much better than that, if you plan to be a Work From
Home entrepreneur.

Now your job search is over, let us work, work, work together!

My years of searching, trial and error, has finally paid off with the Home Based Business
that is for me!  Now I am finally on the right track.  Like many of you, maybe most of you,
reading this, I have tried many ways to make money online.  They all sound good, all
appear to be possible.  I do believe they all are, except for one factor - getting the
information in front of those who need to see it without you spending a huge amount
of money promoting / marketing!

Before I will get involved with any business, I strongly rely on the information that I can
find on that company. I check them out at Better Business Bureau.  It is a ‘security’
thing for me.  A company does not have to be a member of Better Business Bureau,
for me to feel okay with them. I judge them by how they handle / resolve complaints.
All big companies are bound to have complaints!  When BBB gets any questions or
complaints regarding a business, they contact them and request them to resolve it. 
If they resolve the issues, that is good enough for me. All businesses receive
complaints, as that is what dealing with the public is all about, but how it gets
handled is the key.

The secret to making money by working at home / working online is to have multiple
streams of income.  This blog will be giving you many ways to do that. I will add
more home based businesses as time goes on. In fact, if you have a particular
talent, forte, niche, check back as I will be adding some ‘Biz Opps’ that will be
related to each other, and you could work them together for multiple streams of
income! Or you could do the same as me by joining my #1 Work at Home Business
below, which will give you many work opportunities to choose from. Your job search
will be over! In other words, most of what you see on this blog for working from home
can be found on this one homebased busines, plus oodles more of them.

I do have other interests too, besides these business opportunities that I will be
putting on my blog!  I like pets, especially dogs, so since I am unable to own one,
I have created my own website to sell pet products. If you also have interest in
pets, you can Visit It by Clicking Here! I also have an eBay store that you
can Visit by Clicking Here!

Remember, I will be posting many Work From Home leads for you to check out!!!

Also WATCH FOR my Tips of HOW to be successful with your Work at Home job:
Don’t just read these and say, ya, they are good common sense, then immediately
forget them. COME BACK OFTEN, re-read them. Live by them! Very important for

#1 - You must discover your niche, and work it until it's a success! Let your job search
be over! Everyone needs work and you have found your’s!
#2 - "Go to work” each day!  Do not let yourself drift in and out of your office, nor get
sidetracked. Train your mind that in order to work at home, you have to ‘go to work’ in
the same way you went to someone else’s place of business.
#3 - Have a schedule just as if you were working for a company with a time clock.
Very important.
#4 - Set your alarm clock to keep yourself on a schedule. (5 days a week, if full time
working from home)
# 5 - If your plan is for part time working from home, determine your goal, set yourself
a schedule needed to obtain it. Keep that schedule.  ‘GO TO WORK’ YOUR SECOND
# 6 - Motivate yourself! It is critical for the work at home employee. You now only have
yourself to push you to succeed.
#7 - No matter how busy you are, take time off! In the end, you'll gain much more in
productivity. This does not mean to drift in and out of your office, it means to do as if
working for someone else, and take a 15 minute break every 4 hours. It means not to
work 20 hours every day.  If you are on to something real exciting, it is okay to stick
with it for long hours once in a while, but normally, work regular hours.  Take time off
to re-fuel your mind and body.
#8 - Use a timer so that your ‘breaks’ will remain such. I faithfully use a timer!
#9 - Dress as though you were heading to the office. Working in p.j.s will be like giving
yourself permission to slack off.
#10 - Set up a functional workspace.
#11 - Keep distractions to a minimum
#12 - Narrow your vision to the one best program you have, and give it 100% of
your energy if you expect to succeed.
#13 - Focus your energy, like the other work from home gurus do.

"Earn What You're Worth, Doing What You Love!"

Which home business is for you?

Now for my #1 Work At Home job for you:

Earn at Home by Typing, Copying, and
Pasting Data!
It is that easy!  For anyone who needs work, they can earn money here!  Stop your
job search!

I was so excited when I found this home based business opportunity!  It isn’t necessary
to have a love of nor talent for writing / typing. I do have, so this was for me! It can be for
you too, even if you do not enjoy it as I do, because most of it can be ‘copied and pasted’
At first I made my beginning in their section of Data Entry 1 and 2.  Then someone within
the company gave me a suggestion, to check out the Home Typing section, for
Blogging. This results in promoting many companies, which I choose to promote, together
within a blog. Plus there are two (yes, 2) other very special, easy ways to earn even more,
all with one blog. For those of you who do not know what a blog is, it is like writing in your
journal or diary, not formal writing.   I once had tried a bit of blogging, but back then I didn't
have means to get it promoted and in front of people.  Now I do and we will share them
FREE with you!

This whole program offers so many FREE ways to promote / market your work at home
business. I am so amazed at the amount of information that is presented, at a one time
fee. Yes, the one time fee is a one time fee! Everything else comes FREE and there are
lots!!!   This program is an education in itself. Check it out now!

Speaking of checking it out - This COMPANY is not a member of Better Business Bureau.
However, based on the length of time they have been in business, since 2002, BBB has
had very few contacts from people and all of the issues were resolved. That is good enough
for me!

Not only do they offer many work from home opportunities offered to include Members  
include: U.S., Canadian, and U.K. residents, as well as International, all within one program. 
Whether you want to be a Transcriber, Certified Auditor, Proofreader, data researcher,
market researcher, or  article writer, whether you want a business involving data entry,
data processing, home typing, data processing, or even a resume business, you need to
check this business out!

They also offer many ways to promote, all FREE to do.

All of these companies are 100% free to join, and you are NEVER! charged for their service!
Remember the companies you are working for are paying you.
See for yourself!  Click Here Now!

Other ways you can have your very own homebased business:

Earn while Working with Your Hands but Enjoy
Great Taste Treats!

No experience needed. Learn from A to Z how to do any of these three businesses

Complete training!

Which will you have:  Candy or Cake?? Can’t get much sweeter than this!

Which is the better business for YOU?  Candy Bouquets, Cake Decorating, or Candy Cakes?
Yes, Candy Cakes!!!  Do you have any ‘family testers’?  Yum!

Work with your hands while you and others enjoy great taste treats!


Are you looking for home business ideas? Want to break into the Billion Dollar Gift
Basket and Candy Bouquet Business?


You will receive many FREE bonuses at a great reduced price!

Start your Candy Bouquet Business - Make $ from home - Get your STEP-
BY-STEP GUIDE now, Click here!

Or would your niche be for:

Start a Cake Decorating Business From Home, Quickly and Easily, Guaranteed!

Homebased cake decorators earn fantastic money baking and decorating cakes
for a living or for additional part time income. It's a fun and profitable business
to be in, as well as one of the easiest to get started in, with super-low (almost minimal)
start up cost.

Get your own tested and proven home based cake decorating business plan, with
a bonus and reduced price!  Click here!

Or would you rather a quick and easier, but still sweet way to Earn $$$ with a
home based business:


Candy Bouquets have become a popular gift. Candy bouquets are floral like
edible creations made from various pieces of candy. They can be of any size,
shape, color, and theme.

Very creative ways to make these many beautiful, eatable, gifts with 'OTC'
(over the counter - candy you buy, not make).

Great idea! Get “How to Make Candy Bouquets for Fun and Profit” and / or
any of 4 other instructions books, or all 5 at a low special price! Click here now!

Well, which do you enjoy working with, as well as scraping the bowl, candy or cake??

Which home business is for you? Cake or Candy Crafts?  Click on all three, maybe
you will want to combine your business with some of both!

***Come back often!!!  Watch for more homebased businesses to be added! ***